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Dogs at Burrow Farm

Have you ever wanted to go on holiday to Exmoor, but have had no one to look after
 your dogs while you are away or do not want to put them in a kennel?
 If your answer is yes, then bring them on holiday with you!

Exmoor Cottages Dogs Welcome

We do not charge our guests to bring their dogs on holiday as we see them as members of the family, all we ask is a small deposit should there be any damage or additional cleaning  associated with the dogs.

However we do not take puppies or dogs under a year old

All the dogs’ details must be included with each holiday reservation on the booking form

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We welcome dogs, but we ask you not to allow them to sleep on the settee or chairs and also not to allow them upstairs. If your dog is wet or muddy after a days walking, or perhaps you have been on the beach and they are covered in sand then we have a special shower unit with hot water and towels to rub your dog dry in a building near the cottage. We also have a holding area inside if you have more than one dog where they can lie on the Tuffie bed which is insulated, warm, strong and waterproof while they wait their turn in the shower.

Around the courtyard we ask that your dog be either on a lead or at heel. This is for the sake of our cats and the ducks which occasionally wander around the courtyard and stream.

We have a limit of two dogs, unless they are very small in which case three dogs are acceptable. Please state this on your booking form. However we do not take puppies or dogs under a year old. Owners will be responsible for the cost of any damage or additional cleaning associated with the dogs – please see booking form for terms and conditions.